Frequently Asked Questions


What is Autopooling?
Autopooling helps you find people who live around you and are also going to your college, work and events, in order to share a car or a cab with them (carpool). This allows you to save money (fuel and parking) and meet new friends, while contributing to reduce traffic and air pollution.

Is Autopooling free?
Using the website is free, however we leave it up the participants to split the price of fuel fairly among themselves.

Is Autopooling safe?
Before sharing a trip with a stranger, you are advised to discuss by private messages and check out that person's Facebook profile if he/she has shared it. Also look out for a check mark next to his/her name that indicates a verified user.

What do the icons on the map mean?
Cars are drivers. People are passengers. Red icons are drivers or passengers who are going to a location. Blue icons are drivers or passengers who are returning from a location. Green icons are public locations (campus / workplace / event location / etc...).

Who can register on Autopooling?
Anyone with an e-mail can register and start posting his or her trips or searching for ones around them.

Why should I register with my institutional e-mail (university, company or organization)?
If your institution gave you a private e-mail (, then we recommend that you register with that e-mail. You will automatically join your institution on Autopooling (when supported), and you will be a verified user so that other users can trust you.

My institution didn't give me a private e-mail. Can I still register?
Yes you can register with any e-mail. Soon we will allow colleagues of the same institution to verify one another.

I registered with an e-mail other than my institutional e-mail. Do I need to register again with my institutional e-mail?
Yes, you need to register again. (We are working on that.)

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
Simply submit the Forgot Password form, and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password.